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What We Do

Dynamo is a mediatech company that is advancing the world through content creation, distribution, management and monetisation of content. We help Influencers across multiple platforms of content manage their rights on YouTube and other platforms. We provide a high level of rights management services, and help our clients navigate the new normal of the digital world.

We have set ourselves to provide content owners, creators and independent artists with our knowledge and experience and highly innovated technology to facilitate the process of identifying and claiming their digital media inventory.

What We Do!


Digital Rights Management

Dynamo takes care of everything while you focus on creating new content. Dynamo finds and monetise stolen content from your digital media inventory and ensures you are paid for content that has been distributed without your permission.

Brand & Content Strategy

We work with brands and influencers on maximising growth on YouTube from channel management to brand strategy and channel optimisation. Dynamo will take care of content planning, publishing over to development and monetisation.

Music Distribution

Whether you are an established or a new artist looking to protect your audios. We offer assistance, experience and our expertises to help you maximise revenue for your music.


If you already have your own DRM system in place, we can assist you in improving and expanding your current right management efforts to new platforms, markets or technologies.

Why choose us?

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IP Protection
You control how your content is viewed and monetised. we work with you to create policies (monetise or takedown) and our team actively enforces those policies.
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Earning Dashboard
Our proprietary payment software and transparent earnings dashboard tracks every penny of your earnings and shows the breakdown.
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Passive Monthly Income
Once your content is delivered you can begin earning monthly revenue without any extra effort on your end.

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